What's water-resistant and currently on the spotlight? The all new iPhone 7 of course! The much-awaited iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are here and they're living up to the hype quite well.

In case you haven't heard, Apple finally took the plunge and gave us exactly what we're asking for—a water-resistant iPhone! That and some other changes we have yet to discuss.

Obviously, we are most excited about the water-and-splash-resistant feature. But how water-resistant is it exactly? Well, the iPhone 7 is rated IP67 so it can be submerged underwater down to 3.3 ft. for about 30 minutes before it begins to stir up some problem. This also means that the new iPhone 7 is completely dust-resistant.

It's about time Apple had their flagships IP-rated!

Though rumors have been circulating the media about the iPhone 7 actually being water-proof rather than just water-and-splash-resistant, we would advise against swimming with it since Apple's warranty doesn’t cover liquid damages.

We do understand it would be pretty tempting to take an underwater selfie with the iPhone 7 now being water-resistant and all. More so discovering the fact that its front-facing camera got a bump to 7MP. But please, don't. Okay, maybe 1 shot. Or 2 quick ones. Or you know, your call.

But seriously, the iPhone 7 cameras did get some very impressive upgrades. For one, it comes with a dual-lens feature that gives you greater zooming capability and a wide-angle capacity its predecessors did not possess. You can now also enjoy the addition of optical image stabilization which allows you to take significantly better photos even with shaky hands and a wider f1.8-aperture lens for stunning photos in low light. Add to the list its 12 MP sensors and Quad-LED True Tone flash, which gives you brighter, more vibrant shots and you've got camera specs comparable to that of a DSLR.

Another major change you'll definitely not miss is iPhone 7's Home button, or lack thereof, because it's technically not a button. However, its haptic feedback allows you to customize just how much of a click you would like to feel for you to know that you've already pressed the mimic button.

The iPhone 7 also features Apple’s new A10 Fusion chip, a 64-bit Quad-Core CPU, which gives you 40% more power than last year’s A9. With all that power coupled with new Retina HD display, giving you a wide color spectrum and 25% brighter view, your battery will still be good for the rest of the day all thanks to iPhone 7's A10 Fusion chip. It gives you twice the speed of iPhone 6 and up to two hours extra in performance, giving you up to 21 hours of talk time with every charge.

But the biggest change causing an uproar is the iPhone 7's absence of the classic 3.55mm jack.

Instead of the classic headphones, users are given a set of Bluetooth AirPods by Beats that connect to the phone’s charging port, which does not allow you to listen to your music and charge at the same time. With that, you now have an idea where the outrage is coming from. Or one of the reasons anyway. Not all are unhappy with this change, though. Most are actually pretty excited with the convenience this piece of wireless tech brings. Think about it, you can now take your calls hands-free. It outweighs all the negatives, really.

The Verdict: The iPhone 7 offers you its classic body with an impressive new soul. With its new water-resistant feature, powerful and efficient internals, and DSLR-like camera, you've got solid reasons to get yourself a phone upgrade.

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