What's better than capturing a breathtaking view? Being in it.  The DJI Mavic Pro does that for you. 

Let's face it.  More often than not, your photographic memory falls short of capturing your movie-like adventures and destinations and you end up sounding like you're over selling your most breathtaking life moments.  Relax.  Just soak up the experience and leave the work to the DJI Mavic Pro.  

Thanks to its new folding design, you can take the Mavic Pro on all your adventures. Measuring 3.27 x 7.8 x 3.27 inches and weighing only 743 g, the Mavic pro is the smallest and lightest quad-copter released by DJI.  But don't be fooled! Its got all the goodies of its predecessors even with its tiny frame.   From front- and bottom-mounted sensors to built-in obstacle avoidance to self-piloted return landings.   

You simply have to extend its four legs, take off its protective camera cover and you're free to capture sharp 12 MP images, record 4k videos at 30 fps or 1080p footage at 96 fps (with Facebook, YouTube or Periscope live stream options at 30 fps).   

Though the DJI Mavic Pro sports a non-removable gimbal with a camera, the camera itself is an automatic plus.  You can also turn the camera 90-degrees, capture a 78.8-degree field of view and focus as closely as 19 inches. 

As for the speed, you'll be looking at a maximum of 65 kph, putting the Mavic Pro's predecessor, the Phantom 4 slightly on the lead with a maximum speed of 72 kph.  Still pretty impressive especially if you you witness its steady flight against winds blowing up to 39kph.  And for its range and battery life, you'll be able to stay connected to the Mavic Pro up to 7 km away and have a flight time of up to 27 minutes with a single charge. 

Could it get any better? Yes. 

Usually, the most intimidating element of advanced gizmos such as this is centered on the control.  The Mavic Pro immediately puts that thought to rest with its all new user-friendly, compact and simplified controls! It comes with a built-in screen that displays the drone's speed, distance, altitude and orientation.   You can also control the Mavic Pro on your smartphone or even with your gestures. 

You read it right! Your gestures! 

Simply wave at the Mavic Pro to get its attention, form a  "Y" with your arms for it to focus on you and make out a photo frame in the air with your fingers to have your aerial selfie taken!  

You can also have the Mavic Pro follow you or any subject on the move, fly on its own to whichever location you tap on or simply return to its take-off point with its built-in obstacle avoidance and self-piloted return landing feature. 

To see through the drones eyes though, you'll need to connect to your smartphone or to the all new DJI Goggles headset, which gives you a real-time 85-degree view at 1080p.     

The Verdict: With the DJI Mavic Pro, your shots will always be epic.  Its crazy small size is perfectly matched with crazy big features enough for it to be the drone to beat. 

Can't wait to get your hands on this game-changing gizmo? Neither can we! The DJI Mavic Pro will be available for pre-order at Mobicity very soon.  Don't blink, we'll keep you posted.

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