There's no denying today's generation gravitates more towards the exhilarating active lifestyle which most gadgets so conveniently cater to. The Bose SoundLink Mini II Speaker certainly measures up to the standards of today's forefront sound-specializing gizmos, gratifying every audiophile's on-the-go needs while not compromising quality sound profile.

Groove from room to room or tune on the move. The SoundLink Mini II is wireless and ultra-compact, so you could store it easily in your bag. It won't fit in your pockets, though.

With vast options and cheaper rivals in the market, you'd best know that SoundLink Mini II does not compromise sound quality. This tiny box does not skimp on the full-range listening experience with its astonishingly powerful deep bass, decent mid-range and well-textured tone.

Same, good ol' high-quality sound profile as its predecessor, the SoundLink Mini with just the right improvements on its mid-range clarity. Nearly identical look and feel, too. Because, hey, why change something that's already spot-on, right? The SoundLink Mini and Mini II are the sharpest-looking speakers available on the market.

A few favourable changes have been made, though. In contrast to its predecessor, a microphone now allows you to use the Mini II as a loudspeaker for phone calls. Also, the Mini II upgraded to a micro-USB standard instead of the cylindrical charge plug. Although, the presence of its charging dock, available to both the SoundLink Mini and Mini II already makes charging more convenient than ever. With metal contacts placed on both the dock and the speaker, you can simply power-up by putting your unit on the plastic dock as it charges immediately upon contact.

Not that you need to worry about your battery life, because SoundLink Mini II now gives you up to 10 hours of performance, but its new voice system would read out the battery level when your speaker is turned on along with the names of other connected devices.

And speaking of other devices, the SoundLink Mini II allows you to pair two devices at the same time, alternating audio streams as you please. If you wish to play something from a device that doesn't have Bluetooth, the Mini II now has a 3.5mm jack input on the side that lets you plug in more widgets.

The Verdict: Expect nothing but impressively big sound from this surprisingly small box. It is indeed possible to marry sound supremacy and convenience into a block of handheld music-producing device. The Bose SoundLink Mini II Speaker makes a pretty strong case with such bold and remarkably rich sound profile coming from an ultra-compact speaker that actually fits on the palm of your hand.

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